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Economic domination is a by product of factory output, putting every country on a competitive roadmap to achieve maximum results. The quest for greater production is the biggest driving force for global metal demand.  Through our global network of offices and associates, Praxko handles a broad range of trading activities with particular focus on ferrous, non-ferrous, base metals and associated by products of mining and smelting processes.

Our businesses are focused on creating a sustainable model of supply through key emphasis on recycled metal with reduced dependence on extraction and mining.     


Ferrous Scrap

Ferrous Scrap

Ferrous Scrap is widely used in carbon steel making. It not only saves energy but also recycles the resources and there by helping the nature.

  • Heavy Metal Scrap

  • Light Melting Scrap

  • Shredded Steel Scrap

  • Plates & Structurals

  • Tin Can Bundles

  • Re-Rollable Scrap

  • Rail Cutting Scrap

  • Boring & Turning Scrap

  • CRCA Bundles/Busheling Scrap

  • CRGO/CRNGO Stamping Scrap

  • Steel Mill End/Cutting Scrap

  • Steel Profile Cuts, Ms Plate Cutting

  • Mild Steel Turning

  • Cast Iron Scrap

  • Cast Iron Boring Scrap

  • SG Boring & Casting

  • Forging Scrap


Our strength lies in our ability to procure high quality materials from the right source . Praxko Global has been a consistent supplier of ferrous scrap for the past decade and half.

Non Ferrous Scrap


Aside from being a leading supplier of Ferrous Scrap, our Non-Ferrous division caters to the requirements of major industrial houses in far East and South East Asia.

Scrap is an inherent part of the input factors for the production of metals. The secondary raw material saves energy, protects natural resources and is a cost effective substitute for valuable primary raw materials.

  • Aluminum Scrap

  • Copper Scrap

  • Zinc Scrap

  • Brass Scrap

  • Stainless Steel / Alloy Steel Scrap

  • Battery Scrap

  • Lead Scrap

  • Remelted Lead Scrap

  • Compressor Scrap

Non Ferrous

Ferro Alloys

Ferroalloys have been developed to improve the properties of steel by introducing specific alloying elements in desirable quantities in the most feasible and technical way.

  • Ferro Manganese

  • Ferro Molly

  • Ferro Nibium

  • Ferro Boron

  • Ferro Silicon

  • Ferro Nickel

  • Ferro Chrome

  • Ferro Titanium

  • Ferro Tungsten

  • Ferro Vanadium

ferro slicon.jpg

Our trading capabilities extend to include an array of Ferroalloys, procured from the right sources ensuring top quality material year round.

Ferro Alloy
lead ingots.jpg

Praxko Global stands for quality and consistency. Our product quality control and inspection team ensures that metals supplied are quality consistent shipment-to-shipment.

Base Metals

Our base metal vertical deals with the supply of a wide range of base metals both primary and secondary. The material is shipped with all necessary certifications.

Base Metals
  • Nickel Cathodes

  • Zinc Ingots

  • Tin Ingots

  • Copper Cathodes

  • Aluminum Ingots/Shots

  • Lead Ingots

Base & Minor Metals
Other Scrap
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