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Praxko Global is an offshoot of the Praxko Group.  The story of the Group was scripted in the 1990's from the Middle-East. Humble beginnings in the trade of agricultural commodities steadily paved the way for an expansion into the trading division of metals and minerals. 

Diversification of the trading business lead to the formation of Praxko Global in Dubai, from where it currently operates. We move commodities from where it is found in abundance to where it is needed. We work with passion, precision and articulation. Our ability to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers by ensuring delivery within tightly bound schedule makes us a trusted partner to our customers.


Praxko supports sustainability and environmental conservation efforts through key focus on the recyclable metal division, impacting nature and the environment.




Continuously delivering our promises through high standards of business


Building long lasting relationships with all


Demonstrating high standard of ethics, transparency and reliability in our conduct


Encouraging a culture that promotes cohesive working and respect for each individual's ability


Encouraging calculated risk taking and a quest for challenging goals

Image by Roger Hoyles


To build an organization on the principles of mutuality, inclusiveness, harmony and to promote sustainable growth with key emphasis on business ethics and integrity


To build an organisation founded on strong values and principles to create high quality assets, superior returns for our stakeholders and unmatched professional service experience for our customers. 

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